Our Heart's Magnetic Field Intercommunication
Energetically affecting those in your environment, self-conscious or not.
Presented by Judy Hersch, PMP Certified Heart Math Trainer & Coach judy@myevolutionsolutions.com MyEvolutionSolutions.com

Biography of Speaker

Judy Hersch, PMP, Business & Life Mastery Consultant

After 20 years of training, coaching, and project leadership in primarily the pharmaceutical and IT sectors, Judy Hersch founded Evolution Solutions, a leading authority on cutting-edge training and coaching methodologies. 

As a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, Judy delivers unique solutions based on heart and brain science that enable her clients to elevate and sustain their performance and results, personally and professionally. 

Her passion for people and human potential has led her to live in 9 U.S. States and 3 countries abroad, teaching and coaching individuals, companies, and organizations worldwide

About HeartMath Institute

The mission of the HeartMath Institute is to help people bring their physical, mental, and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. This unfolds the path for becoming heart-empowered individuals who choose the way of love, which they demonstrate through compassionate care for the well-being of themselves, others, and Planet Earth.

Since 1991, when Doc Childre founded the nonprofit HeartMath Institute, our vision has been to provide tools that connect us with “the heart of who we truly are.” Today HeartMath serves people of all ages and walks of life worldwide in their homes, classrooms, and communities – so they can live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. – HeartMath Institutes’s Mission and Vision

Physiology of Optimal Communication

Physiology of Optimal Communication is the energetics of communication and two techniques, Heart Focus Breathing and Coherent Communication techniques. The benefit to you is having additional knowledge and tools to enhance your communications skills and/or techniques. Her desire for us was to share this valuable information to sharpen what we already have or teach a new technique we could use immediately or access after this presentation or even better, during our life.

Before jumping into definitions, Judy asked the audience a thought-provoking question: “What do you desire to learn from tonight’s session?” There was such a strong silence that you could almost feel each of our minds wheels feverously spinning. Some responses in the chat were just as indulging as:

  • Seeking additional ways of communicating.
  • Hear and be heard
  • Innovative techniques to help my younger employees to communicate better or enhance their communication skills organically.

Correlation of Communication Research Results

In a poll conducted of 3,000 serious medical injuries, 66% of the root causes were from miscommunications.

Problems in the workplace can be traced back to workplace miscommunications by 70%.

– Statistic research source anonymous.

Coherent vs. Incoherent Communication

The most effective mental state to maintain to ensure effective communication is in a Coherent state. By definition, it is a minimum uncertainty state, with the single free parameter chosen to make the relative dispersion (standard deviation in natural dimensionless units) equal for position and momentum, each being equally small at high energy. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coherent_statehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coherent_state

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Incoherent. It is a state of mind without logical or meaningful connection, disjointed, or rambling. – https://www.dictionary.com/browse/incoherent

Based on our definitions, it is safe to assume operating from a coherent physiological state would mean you are very calm and/or relaxed, focused, perhaps productive, and effective in your decision-making abilities. You may also make the connection of behaving more flexibly or resiliently and being open to changes, ultimately communicating effectively and clearly.

When we are in an incoherent state of mind, our planning and decision-making abilities are impaired. There is a greater lack of impulse control. We kind of lose a mental grip on things, not proportional to what just happened. The ability to critically and abstractly think is greatly reduced. We’re not as productive and focused as when we’re coherent.

Physiological Manifestations

Heart Rhythms – HeartMath Institute

Heart-Focused Breathing Technique

The professional specifics of the HFB technique are available upon contacting Judy, but she was so gracious to inform us that a couple of benefits are as follows:

  • In its first step, there is a shift to a more coherent mind state. You will find yourself more alert & calm simultaneously.
  • Once you gain the experience, it is an “invaluable power tool,” not to be confused and dismissed with its perceived simplicity.

It was utterly amazing that we gained such knowledge within 60mins! I am almost sure you are now envisioning the same cliffhanger we all experienced. However, fulfill your curiosity by reaching out to Judy Hersch by email: judy@myevolutionsolutions.com or MyEvolutionSolutions.com. Remember, knowledge is power, so register for the next knowledge-packed session of Pivotal Webinars, Advanced Topic Session, or PMI-OC Dinner Meeting through the PMI-OC website!

Contributed by: Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo FreezePoints – Director of Publications/Web Developer
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