Volunteer Writers are the heroes of each chapter event. Each of them has sacrificed time from friends and family to lend their intuitive ears to each speaker and extended to us their internal images and dialog so that each professional will experience the event as if they were present.

Megha Bhalwalkar PMP

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration. I have worked in industrial automation for six years, supporting the manufacturing & wastewater treatment, oil & gas industry. Now, I am transitioning from an engineering role to a project management field. I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Antonio Cruz

Safran USA Experience: Engineering Project Assistant, Rockwell Collins/Safran USA Men’s Program Coordinator, LGBT Center OC 

Photo of Dennis Burns MBA, PMP

Dennis Burns., MBA, PMP

I have been a volunteer writer for PMI-OC since 2019. I am an accomplished Public Speaker, Published Author and Technical Writer. Volunteering since 2018.

Volunteer Photographer named Rong Nie who is a female wearing a blue based various shapes designed blouse under a soft mauve color sweater and has a vibrant smile.

Rong Nie MS., PMP a.k.a (Ronnie)

I have been a volunteer photographer for PMI-OC since 2018. My favorite hobbies are watching Netflix and photography. Volunteering since 2016.