Hope each of you has enjoyed your holidays with family and friends. Although we may be apprehensive of the unknown at a time or two, we assure you that this year is our professional’s community time to embark beyond the borders. Whether those borders are the drab colors of the office or the restriction of the infamous project schedule deadlines let us face the boundless journey of project management in all of its wonderful various industries.

Although our current population is of an impressive number, it is our intent to expand the reader population to include newer members that may not be aware of the magazines’ value, readers from our neighboring regions, and even populations beyond our interstate borders. Our previous method of content delivery was somewhat limited in that of a view and read platform only. The magazines’ short-term goal, is that of a more modern and robust approach, which will stand alongside other ezines of the markets and expand beyond the current restraints. In its recent months, there has been a vast transition into the future of the Milestone ezine, it has adhered to the cries of its readers and open the option of downloading to read at the leisure of the reader, copy and/or print an article as well. The Milestone ezine has chosen to embark on a more interactive approach to the project management arena in allowing its readers to share their knowledge on their experiences with their extraordinary projects and receive some feedback from the industries’ more seasoned professionals. Innovation at this magnitude has presented itself as a vital vector to professionals locally and abroad and will catapult project management to the next level. Milestone ezine with a desire for digital blog flare will present a more friendly approach to reading materials that were previously thought to be too constrained in its predecessor platform. Therefore, with such an enormous transition it would only be appropriate that the Milestone ezine name also retire and rise like the phoenix out of the ash and present its new exterior as Freeze Points eZine/Blog for all to marvel and enjoy. Over the next few months, there will be modifications but always with a foundational drive reflecting the satisfaction of the vast Project Management Professional Communities.

Enjoy the journey.

Volunteer Chief Editor and Website Developer named Kassandra Cobb Nwadigo. She is wearing a black velvet dinner dress with a platinum diamond broch at the neck.
Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo
Chief Editor
& Web Developer