Francisco T. Avalos is the Chief Executive Officer at Teissier Consulting Services, LLC. Mr. Avalos executes strategic and tactical initiatives in Information Technology working jointly with the Executive members to provide an independent assessment on the state of their Information Technology.

 Mr. Avalos’s acumen revolves around customizing PMO/PM framework to ensure Governance, Budgeting, Risk-Mitigation, and Communication are in alignment with the strategic vision of the corporations.

Mr. Avalos has spent 20+ years in Business and IT roles for worldwide top-ranked financial firms, automotive companies, and an array of domestic and global entities that include health-care, news-media, government, and non-profits.

Mr. Avalos earned his undergraduate degree from California Polytechnic Pomona in Information Systems and his MBA from Chapman University. Mr. Avalos serves in leadership roles for several non-profits and is also active in the triathlon Ironman community.

As the title would imply the currently happening trends are swiftly traveling through eb and flow as you are reading this article. Ask yourself about the last time you participated in  Professional Development Day, as you ponder over that date have no fear as we are all in this boat together! Navigation during a pandemic has presented some very interesting statistics with respect to areas of income, residence and remote work opportunities.

The realization toward speed of change in our minds’ eye and  the reference to the “Great Resignation” was enough to make you want to grab your credit card and complete a deep dive on the website for the next 3 hours!  As if that was not enough, you have a new classification of Project Manager to embrace known as the Digital Project Manager?

The acceleration of uncertainty during the pandemic has pushed each community into a hybridized environment. Ready or not Free Agency is upon us and you are participating in the change, the era of being pushed through careers are a thing of the past. Free Agency refers to Resources. Our communities are making real choices on where , how, and for whom they work. The noticeable change is represented in people working bicoastally and physically relocating across the country to fully experience new opportunities.  Project Management, like other industries, is no longer strictly bound to the confines of a typical office. The diagram below clearly displays the first trends of adults switching from a collocated opportunity to telework.

The follow is an extension of the most noticeable trends:

High Level Trends

  • Impact of digitalization, data analytics, need for rapid innovation, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Inclusion of change management plans
  • Reliance on Digital and Remote Teams

Evolvement of PM (Project Manager) soft skills and leadership skills

  • Communication changes
  • A closer connection between project and strategy
  • Leadership skills must include the Human Touch, “The management style from the past have really changed to a more empathetic approach.” – Francisco A.

Industry 4.0 vs. Virtual Era

Change has gotten faster resulting in constant change within every business environment.  One of the great business leaders of the past, Jack Welch of General Electric said, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.” Employees and employers themselves must change or the business itself will fail. Recall top companies like Kodak, Block Bluster and Toys-R-Us or the greatest one of all is the distribution of newspapers on hard demise journey. The last 10 years have been the age of digitalization. The display presented covers the last 150 years through the Industrial Revolution and into the Virtual Era.

Industrial Revolution to Internet Evolution

Evolution of the Web

Web 1.0 =  a static page view era where people put their presence into the net

Web 2.0 = introduction of newer technology ie Facebook and the onset of social media

Web 3.0 = utilization of digital currency and focus of decentralization

Web 4.0 = more in depth data analytics on captured attributes from web input

Semantics of Social Connections

This evolution of the web is also a direct link to the Project Management methodology evolution.  Think of the more traditional approach known as Waterfall on the project verses our current project shift to transition into an Agile centric embodiment.  There is an intense need for companies to adapt to the external changes and seek resources equipped with skills enriched from the external diversity. Although this seems ideal from their viewpoint they have encountered difficulty in fulfilling those obligations. Project Management teams have been tagged with a responsibility to restructure the traditional processes of business to embrace the convoluted view and strategically navigate complexities. The project professional must  empower the employees to maintain the daily operations engulfed in striving toward increased productivity and  foster hope for the employer to embrace change also.

Employer Difficulty in Resource Demands

The Great Debate: What percentage of companies are mistaking a project management tool as being a project management methodology? How will you guide your organization to pivot into a better understanding of the difference?

What does it means to be a Digital Project Manager in Today’s World?

The Digital Project Manager

This person is very technology savvy and possess the ability to be a gatekeeper and not just a facilitator. An inside look at those various skills are presented in the Digital Project Manager diagram.

Next Francisco shared the highly anticipated trends of the last year and a half. The information presented a foundation to the journey of professional development and what success in our new world will require.

Project Management Trends for 2020

The last trend our generous speaker shared was a peek into the uptick of reluctancy of workers returning to work. This reluctancy seems to be the driving force in workers seeking alternative employment options.  No matter the viewpoint everyone can empathized with each data point.

Remote Workers Reluctant to Return to the Workplace

Skills Transition view

Francisco revealed that there is no need to fear evolution into the future. has presented a redefined skills classification displayed within the PMI Talent Triangle.

Project Management Skills for the Future

We would like to express our gratitude to Francisco Avalos for sharing another value packed presentation. I encourage you to not miss our next ATS event. You can view upcoming events and register for your options at

Contributed By:

Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo
Director of FreezePoints Online Magazine

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