Congratulations Mentorship Program Graduates!

When was the last time you deeply thought about enhancing your career or personal life? You may have worldwide or distance networking group options but it is rare that you end your wish rainbow journey literally at the end of the county border.

Facing Uncertainty

Those who have been distance learning and limited should note that your local Project Management Institute of Orange County has been on the uptick of in-person opportunities. The community members extended the olive branches to those that longed for the highly missed face-to-face flare. Our beloved Orange County Chapter elevated through the ashes of Covid-19 and provided an optional in-person Mentorship Program during the fourth quarter of 2022.

This is the Beginning of Anything You Want
Beginning of Anything You Want!

The Fruits Of Perseverance

Fast forward to the present day, we are all here to celebrate the graduates’ victory of crossing the career threshold into a more fabulous enriched project management experience. Our graduates bloom from diverse backgrounds and industries. They express their interest in such arenas as certification goals, employment transitions, career enhancements, or the most challenging of them all the career pivots into new explorations. Whatever their individual flavors, the common sweetness is to share their success and new tools with each of you.


It was a treat to speak with all of our graduates. They are all so excited to have finished the program and were amazed at the extra benefits they captured during their journey. So many times we set out with the title of Mentor or Mentee, further into the program each person realizes that the relationship evolves into an equal exchange in learning from each other. What better environment to learn than one where all Stakeholders are giving so much of themselves and the rewards are priceless? Check out what some of our graduates shared with us:

Graduates Robbin MacKenzie Thomas and Anita Arvizu share their experiences with the 2023 Mentorship Program.

Congratulations Graduates:

  • Van Do
  • Aaron Carver
  • Lisa Carroll
  • Robbin MacKenzie Thomas
  • Glen Hoxie
  • Anita Arvizu
  • Tina Huang

Heed The Call

We at PMI-OC are so very proud of each of you and look forward to hearing about your next Project Management Community accomplishments. Now it is time to pay it forward or encourage a project management novice to take the step just as you did and aim for an enhanced future. Check out our PMI-OC Event Calendar for our next Mentorship Program Session and register, we are awaiting your arrival.

Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo Director of Publications / Web Developer
Contributed By: Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo Director of Publications / Web Developer
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