By Deby Covey – PMI Region 7 Mentor

For every professional connection, there is LinkedIn, for every social or personal event there is Facebook, for every shout out there is Twitter …. The list goes on …. Social media has become integrated into our lives.  For the past few years, Project Managers have used these tools to “get the next job”, “share their lives”, and show they are “connected”. 

For the savvy PM, was a place to get free PDU webinars about topics of project management interest.  It became a resource to look up templates, best practices, and finish out your PDU talent triangle requirements before re-certification. But look out!  It has become so much more! is still a repository for templates and webinars.  It also merges the professional aspects of network and blogging options while including a personal connection with key interests & earned badges like Facebook.  It can be used by professionals seeing employment (a contract or long term), seeking fellow PMs in their local area, seeking like-minded PMs around the globe, seeking other chapter members attending an event.  Want to start a discussion to see what your peers think about a topic?  Open up a discussion board to get the opinions of folks in your network.  Want to BLOG about some cool new facet of the profession you learned about?  Review some of those many books on Project management that you have?  Yes, you can do that here on

New and Exciting are live virtual conferences that you can watch while multitasking through your workday.  These conferences can be viewed and PDUs uploaded so you can stay current on your career choice topics.  Missed a conference?  No worries, you can review them at a later date as well to see the recorded version.  Not only that, you can adjust your profile for your interests, and the service will automatically send you an email notice on webinars and conferences for those topics that you want to know about. What’s coming up?  Chapters are getting access to record their webinars and allow members to catch quality speakers after the fact.  PDUs are uploaded for you and you can still discuss that last meeting speaker with your local PMs as if you were there!  The content is still available even though you missed the networking part.  Another up and coming feature is news feeds from the entire community, your chapter, or your network for topics that may be of interest to you to help keep you current on articles, events, and other new features.  Volunteer with your local chapter as their specialist and get the scoop on all the cool upcoming things.

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