Mentorship Graduation 2023-2024

As someone profoundly involved in the project management community, I was delighted to witness the recent conclusion of the highly anticipated mentorship program. The mentorship graduation event was held on March 2nd, 2024 by the Orange County Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-OC). This six-month journey brought together mentors and mentees, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth within our profession.

Having had the privilege of participating in the program myself, I can attest to the transformative impact it had on my career development. For the past six months, I worked closely with my mentor, Mike, who guided me through refining my resume, optimizing my LinkedIn profile, and conducting numerous mock interviews. Beyond that, Mike’s wealth of experience provided invaluable insights that have undoubtedly propelled my project management career forward.

My experience was not unique; throughout the concluding event, I witnessed fellow mentees sharing their gratitude for the guidance and support they received from their respective mentors. The mentors also expressed their fulfillment in having the opportunity to guide others toward achieving their project management goals.

Mentorship Program Mentee Roderick Conwi is interviewed by Publications Director Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo

As someone who has benefited from this program, I strongly encourage others to seize the opportunity to participate in the upcoming mentorship cohort, whether as a mentor or a mentee. The continuous cycle of knowledge sharing and professional development fostered by PMI-OC is truly remarkable, and it is my firm belief that this program plays a crucial role in cultivating a thriving project management ecosystem in Orange County.

If you, like me, are passionate about contributing to the growth of our community, I implore you to visit the PMI-OC website and fill out the application to become a mentor or mentee for the upcoming cohort. By sharing your expertise, you can make a lasting impact on the lives and careers of aspiring project managers, continuing the cycle of mentorship that has proven so invaluable.

Content Contributor: Roderick Conwi PM
Roderick Conwi PM
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