On Thursday, June 23rd, members of Project Management Institute – Orange County gathered both online and in person to attend an enlightening presentation titled “Launching a Nuclear Medicine Program.” The speakers, Wendy Lin, and Marc Gamble, esteemed professionals at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), captivated the audience with their stories. 

Wendy Lin kicked off the presentation by introducing Phase 1 – Business Planning, setting the stage for the journey ahead. She went over the project’s objectives, which centered around enhancing the quality of care, prioritizing patient safety, improving access to care, and fostering service line development. These objectives served as guiding principles, ensuring that the nuclear medicine program aimed to provide optimal healthcare services to their young patients.

Lin then discussed the project’s risk identification and mitigation. Some of the risks they faced were the potential to be at net negative revenue at the start, the high cost of radioisotopes, difficulty hiring radiologists and technologists, and increased exposure to regulatory risk. By identifying these risks, the team were able to mitigate them to move the project forward. Additionally, she emphasized the benefits of involving stakeholders early on, which helped them get the project approved and funded.

Following Wendy’s overview of Phase 1, Marc Gamble took the stage to discuss Phase 2 – Implementation. Marc delved into the crucial step of conducting stakeholder interviews, enabling the team to gain valuable insights and perspectives from various stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensured that the implementation process would align with the hospital’s existing workflows and meet the needs of all parties involved. Key decisions that could significantly impact the project timeline were also identified by Gamble. By addressing these decisions promptly and engaging the relevant stakeholders, the team could maintain project momentum and avoid potential delays.

As the presentation progressed, they turned their attention to the project’s detailed schedule, titled “Timeline 2.0.” They candidly shared the challenges encountered during the implementation phase. The disruption caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the construction project manager all posed significant hurdles. Furthermore, they acknowledged overlooked items in the initial pro forma and the contracting timeline for new technology. By openly discussing these challenges, they demonstrated their ability to adapt and find solutions in the face of adversity.

However, it wasn’t just the challenges that Lin and Gamble addressed, they also celebrated the project’s successes. They attributed these accomplishments to the presence of a fully engaged and responsible sponsor. Additionally, the project managers’ prior experience in managing enterprise projects contributed to a smooth and efficient implementation process.  They also highlighted the significance of early stakeholder engagement and close collaboration.

As the presentation finished, the audience was left inspired by Lin and Gamble’s expertise and insights. Their in-depth knowledge of project management within the healthcare sector, combined with their ability to navigate challenges with resilience and adaptability, left a lasting impression. The launch of the Nuclear Medicine Program at CHOC serves as a testament to their professionalism, as well as a shining example for future initiatives in the field of healthcare project management.

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