The Project Management Institute – Orange County’s Industry Affinity Groups (IAG) recently hosted a compelling professional development event on November 9th, 2023. Titled “GENESIS: Providence Project to Migrate Legacy Apps to Oracle’s Cloud ERP System,” the session delved into the remarkable journey undertaken by Providence Saint Joseph Hospital (PSJH) in revolutionizing its operations through a comprehensive technological overhaul.

The event featured insightful presentations by distinguished professionals—Marshall Gibson, Principal Project Manager; Toni Brent, Director of Information System Applications; and Joseph Azzi, Senior Manager of Information System Applications. Together, they spearheaded the monumental project, aiming to transform and standardize Providence’s business processes by leveraging strategic partnerships and replacing outdated legacy systems in Human Resources, Finance, and Supply Chain Management.

Before the implementation of the Genesis project, Providence faced multifaceted challenges stemming from outdated technology, fragmented ERP systems, manual workflows, scalability issues, and suboptimal caregiver experiences. However, through the adoption of simplified processes via Oracle Cloud ERP and the Enterprise-wide Kronis system, Providence achieved significant milestones.

By consolidating numerous HR legacy systems and transitioning approximately 290 entities to a unified cloud ERP system, Providence laid the foundation for optimized operations, transformative innovations, and streamlined processes.

The event highlighted many key takeaways and lessons learned from this monumental project:

Currently, there are many parts of the project that are still in motion. They are still improving stabilization by rigorously addressing pay impact issues. They are utilizing their partnership with Oracle to make the payroll processing schedule tighter. To continue preventing resource burnout, they are building a schedule to provide relief for key resources. They are rediscovering new ways to adapt and respond to all the changes with adapting to a new system. And by building agility and flexibility, they are using the lessons they learned about implementation and stabilization moving forward.  

The insights shared by the speakers provided invaluable guidance for future projects and initiatives within the project management sphere. The success story of Providence’s Genesis project serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic planning, collaborative efforts, and technological innovation within the healthcare landscape.

Content Contributor: Roderick Conwi
Roderick Conwi PMP
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