The Project Management Institute – Orange County (PMI-OC) hosted an enlightening dinner meeting on November 14th, 2023, at Irvine, California, featuring the esteemed Dr. Leslie Wickman as the keynote speaker. The focal point of the evening was Dr. Wickman’s captivating presentation titled “Improving Performance via Human Factors Engineering,” which delved into the realm of human factors and its application in optimizing system performance and human well-being.

Human factors engineering, also known as ergonomics, revolves around understanding human interactions with various elements within workspaces, products, environments, and everyday settings. Dr. Wickman navigated the audience through the intricate landscape of this interdisciplinary field, drawing from psychology, physiology, anatomy, and engineering to highlight its essence.

The audience was introduced to the fundamental objectives of human factors engineering: augmenting the effectiveness of tasks and activities while also enriching essential human values. This involves a comprehensive approach aiming to increase productivity, overcome limitations, enhance capabilities, and ultimately improve the form, fit, and function of systems.

PMI-OC Dinner Meeting photo contributed by Sam Lee

The practical applications of human factors engineering were showcased, and Dr. Wickman elaborated on how this discipline was instrumental in ensuring the safety, health, and productivity of astronauts during spaceflight. Human factors engineering has been pivotal in shaping the success of space missions.

Attendees were deeply engaged throughout the presentation, particularly during the discussion revolving around applying human factors engineering to space travel. The audience resonated with the challenges and triumphs of applying human factors principles in such a high-stakes environment.

Dr. Wickman emphasized crucial considerations when integrating human factors into design and project management. Safety emerged as the paramount concern, followed by a user-focused approach that simplifies tasks, prioritizes user-friendly interfaces, and ensures accessibility and efficiency in work environments. 

The presentation culminated in a compelling reminder of the critical role human factors engineering plays in shaping tangible, real-world outcomes. Everything humans interact with, from spacecraft to everyday tools, has the imprint of this discipline, showing its pervasive influence on modern life.

The PMI-OC dinner meeting, enriched by Dr. Leslie Wickman’s expertise, offered a profound insight into the intricate world of human factors engineering. Attendees departed with a renewed appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between optimized systems and human well-being, inspired by the potential for impactful, user-centered design in their respective projects and endeavors.

Content Contributor: Roderick Conwi PMP
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PMI Orange County Content Contributor Roderick Conwi PMP
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