In the ever-evolving landscape of project management and innovation, industry leaders continue to pave the way for transformation and growth. On the evening of Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, the Orange County Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-OC) was treated to a captivating presentation by Kevin Traw, Vice President of Optum Finance at UnitedHealth Group. The event, held as part of PMI-OC’s August dinner event, was an opportunity for professionals to gather and explore the dynamic intersection of customer value, innovation, and project management.

Kevin led a stimulating and interactive presentation that left the audience engaged and inspired. The focal point of the event was a prototype of a revolutionary product named divvyDOSE, which served as a tangible catalyst for audience members to have in-depth discussions about delivering value to customers, identifying potential risks, and envisioning the perfect customer profile for the product.

Kevin Traw’s Impactful Presentation at PMI-OC’s August Dinner Event

The presentation format was designed to promote active participation and idea-sharing. Attendees discussed in table groups, fostering a collaborative environment for diverse perspectives. Each audience member was given a prototype of divvyDOSE, a direct-to-consumer product that delivers monthly prescription and over-the-counter medicine in pre-sorted daily packs. These prototypes sparked discussions about the product’s potential impact on customers’ lives and the value it could bring. By encouraging collaboration, Kevin initiated thought-provoking conversations about the essence of customer value and how it intertwines with innovation and project management.

One of the key takeaways from the presentation was the importance of aligning innovations with the specific needs and preferences of the ideal customer. The attendees were challenged to envision this ideal customer, diving into factors such as price sensitivity, the balance between benefits and costs, personal preferences, brand reputation, emotional connection, and the influence of word-of-mouth recommendations. Through these discussions, Kevin underscored the significance of deeply understanding the customer’s perspective and tailoring solutions that resonate with them on multiple levels.

The Pivotal Role Of Customer-Centric Thinking

The culmination of the presentation revolved around a compelling challenge. Kevin Traw urged attendees to consider their roles as project management professionals and ponder how they could enhance customer satisfaction and fuel organizational growth by redefining customer value. This challenge encouraged participants to think critically about their projects and how each step could be refined to better serve the end user.

In essence, Kevin’s presentation demonstrated the pivotal role of customer-centric thinking in project management and innovation. By immersing attendees in the world of divvyDOSE, he showcased how deeply understanding the customer’s needs can drive product development, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making. Moreover, the event underscored the importance of fostering an environment where collaboration and idea-sharing flourish, mirroring the essence of effective project management.

A Testament To Power

As the presentation drew to a close, attendees departed with minds buzzing with new perspectives and a renewed sense of purpose. Kevin’s presentation was a testament to the power of combining innovation, customer value, and project management prowess to steer organizations toward success in today’s dynamic business landscape. The event served as a reminder that every project is an opportunity to transform ideas into realities that deliver tangible value to customers and drive growth.

Content Contributor: Roderick Conwi
Content Contributor: Roderick Conwi PM
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