Insights from Francisco T. Avalos’ Presentation “Executing Digital Transformation Projects”

On June 13th, 2023, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Orange County Chapter hosted its monthly June dinner event featuring a captivating presentation entitled “Executing Digital Transformation Projects.” The event, led by Francisco T. Avalos, delved into the ever-growing disruptions across industries and provided valuable insights on thriving in an agile, digital-driven world. With disruption escalating at an unprecedented pace and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), Avalos emphasized the need for constant learning, gig worker mentality, and dynamic thinking. The entire presentation was engaging, and here are my main takeaways: 

1. Disruption: Growing Faster and Wider

One of the key takeaways from Avalos’ presentation was the escalating nature of disruption. He highlighted how disruptive forces have been multiplying rapidly across all sectors, leaving no industry untouched. Organizations must acknowledge this reality and adapt accordingly to remain competitive. Traditional approaches to project management and business strategies are no longer sufficient in the face of relentless change.

2. Embracing Agility and Continuous Movement

To navigate the uncertain terrain of disruption, Avalos stressed the importance of agility. The ability to pivot quickly, adapt to new circumstances, and seize emerging opportunities is paramount. Stagnation is the enemy, and organizations must embrace a culture of constant movement and evolution. Agile methodologies and frameworks can enable teams to respond rapidly to changing requirements, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

3. Lifelong Learning: The Key to Staying Relevant

In an era where job roles are evolving rapidly and new technologies emerge incessantly, Avalos emphasized the need for professionals to adopt a continuous learning mindset. Participants were encouraged to invest in their personal and professional growth to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape. By acquiring new skills, keeping up with industry trends, and seeking out learning opportunities, individuals can position themselves for success in the digital age.

4. Think Like a Gig Worker

Drawing from the gig economy’s success and adaptability, Avalos advocated for professionals to embrace the gig worker mentality. This approach involves cultivating a broad community, being open to diverse work assignments, and cultivating adaptability. Building a self-built safety net, where individuals develop a network of professional contacts and opportunities, can provide stability in an era of shifting employment dynamics.

5. The Demise of Job Security

Avalos asserted that the days of job security are gone. Traditional notions of long-term employment and guaranteed stability have become increasingly rare. Instead, professionals need to think dynamically, envisioning their careers as a series of projects and opportunities. By embracing this mindset, individuals can adapt to changing circumstances, explore new roles, and seize the moment.

6. The Rise of AI: A Transformative Technology

Avalos highlighted that AI is an emerging technology trend that will significantly impact every industry. With its ability to automate tasks, uncover valuable insights from data, and enhance decision-making processes, AI presents enormous opportunities for organizations willing to embrace it. Executing successful digital transformation projects requires a deep understanding of AI’s potential and its integration within existing workflows.

Francisco T. Avalos’ presentation on executing digital transformation projects at the PMI Orange County Chapter’s June dinner event shed light on the challenges and opportunities of today’s disruptive landscape. Attendees left the event equipped with invaluable insights, such as the necessity of agility, continuous learning, gig worker thinking, and the transformative potential of AI. As the world hurtles toward an increasingly digital future, embracing these principles will empower individuals and organizations to not only survive but thrive in the face of disruption.

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