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What is a Mentor? What qualities are ideal for an excellent Mentor? Do you have your visual on this super person? Now turn this to the opposite spectrum and ask yourself what ideal qualities are held in the un-chiseled piece of coal known as a Mentee? Let’s look at the classic definition.

A Mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

A Mentee is a person who a mentor guides.

Let’s pull back the onion layers of the PMI-OC Mentor and Mentee.

The Mentor embodies every fiber of bestowing the title of a teacher. Each one can consistently recall insightful experiences within their various industries and lather on top of the epitome of policy and procedures that Project Mgt Inc planted strategically in all of them. The Mentee has presumed a more novice title but is knowledgeable or an expert in other fields. The Mentorship Program is synonymous with a true partnership at the foundation. The unmeasurable amenities that come along with this partnership results in a force to be reckoned with. Life-long relationships form and become a wealth of new tools that any new or seasoned Project Manager would be proud to possess.

The PMI-OC is proud to present its 2022 Mentorship Program Graduates! We are more than proud to reintroduce the following graduates back into their perspective fields, renewed and equipped with additional proficiencies:

Graduate Names

Duncan McClure

Jerry Wang

Daniel Perez

Melissa Fieber

Darren McNeil

Van Do

Priya Sharma

Einstein Exequiel

Derek Vollero

Dana Malorewicz

Anthony Garza

Inna Ivancea

Brian Apodaca

Manuel Lara

If you have ever desired to catapult to the next level, I humbly suggest you not miss the next Mentorship Program session! Register at PMI-OC Mentorship Program.

Contributed by: Kassandra Cobb-Nwadigo PMP, CSM
FreezePoints – Director of Publications/Web Developer
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